Brief Introduction to Synthetic Diamond Polishing Powder and Its Applications (I)

November 27, 2018
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1. Single crystal (monocrystal) synthetic diamond powder
Single crystal synthetic diamond powder is made of high quality synthetic diamonds as raw materials by strict crushing, purification, screening and other processes.
Mainly used for:
(1) Precise grinding or polishing of a variety of industrial, scientific and medical precision components;
(2) Used for manufacturing resin bonding tools, metal bonding tools and electroplating tools;
(3) Used as fine abrasive grains for mold processing, gem and jade polishing, bearing processing and manufacturing and so on;
(4) Used as functional materials by using their thermal and electrical properties.
2. Polycrystalline synthetic diamond powder
Polycrystalline diamond is synthesized by explosion method, whose granular crystal structure is very similar to that of natural black diamond. Its polycrystalline structure is formed by unsaturated bond.
 Kumthai Abrasives Co., Ltd. | Synthetic Diamond Abrasive Powder
Compared with single crystal synthetic diamond, polycrystalline diamond has more crystal edges and grinding surfaces, and each crystal edge has cutting ability, so it has a high removal rate. Polycrystalline diamond has good toughness and self-sharpening, and the coarse particles will be broken into smaller particles in the polishing process, which can avoid scratches on the workpiece surface, and not only ensure the workpiece surface quality, but also improve the grinding and cutting efficiency. In some high quality product processing process, it shows its unique advantages. It is mainly used in: grinding and polishing of sapphire substrate, optical crystal and disk head, etc.
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