New Prospects for the Development of China's Superhard Materials Industry in 2018

June 12, 2018

In May 2018, the fifth Session of Standing Council of Superhard Materials Branch of China Machine Tool & Tool Builders' Association (CMTBA) was successfully held in Guangzhou. As it can be seen from "2017 Annual Work Summary and 2018 Work Plan of Superhard Materials Association", "Briefing Notes in Economics of Superhard Material Industry in 2017" as well as industry seminar, China's superhard materials industry is currently in the critical period of industrial structure adjustment and quality efficiency improvement.


In 2017, China's superhard materials industry successfully emerged from the trough and began to recover. And the overall industry showed good development trend whether from the major economic indicators of this industry, import and export statistics, or annual reports from listed companies. At the level of industrial segmentation, the production scale of gem grade diamond single crystals and single crystals for cutting tools continued to expand; There is also a bigger growth in cubic boron nitride abrasives, cutting tools and grinding tools; Diamond wire saw saw explosive growth, and the industry successfully went into finished diamond jewelry market; The export volume of all kinds of related products increased throughout China, and synthetic diamonds increased greatly by 33% in the export volume and 43% in the amount.


As it can be seen from this expert meeting, monocrystal diamond tool (MCD), polycrystalline diamond tool (PCD), diamond coated cutting tool, diamond brazing sintered grinding wheel grinding head all have many applications in the 3C processing; Diamond scalpel also has a very large market space in medical field; In functional applications, nano diamond powder in biological surface coating, fungicide, separation protein, cell markers and other medical fields, and diamond film in gyroscope bearing antifriction coating, high speed missile head cover and windows, anti-radiation electronic devices, or aerospace, national defense fields, both have broad application prospects and market value.


In today's China, economic transformation and upgrading and high-quality development have become the main theme of The Times. 2018 is the 55th anniversary of synthetic diamonds in China. During the 55 years, the superhard materials industry in China is moving to the world's leader of superhard materials under unremitting efforts of all the industry colleagues and superhard materials experts. Although there are still the difference with international giants in some high-end areas, we expect that more industry people and enterprises can go out for mutual sharing and mutual discussion, promote the healthy development of superhard material industry, and create a new situation of superhard material industry development in China.