The Future Prospect of Synthetic Diamond Powder in China

December 04, 2018
Kumthai Abrasives Co., Ltd. | Synthetic Diamond Abrasive Powder

Synthetic diamond powder is a kind of super hard and super fine diamond abrasive grains formed by special processing of synthetic diamond single crystals, and an ideal raw materials for grinding and polishing cemented carbide, ceramics, gems, optical glass and other high hardness materials. At the same time, diamond tools and components are also made of diamond powder, widely used in various industrial fields.

Synthetic diamond powder can be used not only for grinding and polishing jewelry grade diamonds, but also for many other purposes. With the continuous development of technology and products, the application scope of synthetic diamond powder and products is also expanding. For example, synthetic diamond powder can be widely used in automobile, machinery, electronics, aviation, aerospace, optical instruments, glass, petroleum, geology and other fields.
Synthetic diamond powder has high hardness, good wear resistance, and can be used for cutting, grinding, polishing, drilling and so on.

At present, with the continuous improvement of the technical level of diamond powder production and processing in China, the particle fineness and particle size distribution of synthetic diamond powder have reached domestic and foreign technical standards. The strict separation process of diamond powder ensures that the high proportion of particles is consistent with the nominal size of particles, and only a small deviation is allowed, which fully meets and exceeds the national standards.

In China, synthetic diamond powder can meet the demand for high quality diamond powder in high and new technology processing fields at home and abroad, and the market demand is still a blue sea. Kumthai supplies synthetic diamond powder including high quality crushed diamond grit, high purity diamond micron powder, plated or coated diamond/CBN powder and so on, which not only strictly implement national standards, but also can be customized.
The production process and quality are strictly controlled:
Raw Material Selection:
High quality single crystal diamonds from ZhongNan Company as raw materials
Crushing & Reshaping:
Stable crushing technology for crushing process, different particle size segment for reshaping based on respective process
Acid Treatment:
Remove the impurities in the process of crushing&reshaping, ensure the product purity before the classification process
Product Classification:
According to different settling velocity of different particle size, intelligent precision classifying equipment used for precise particle size segment classification
Product Cleanliness Control:
Acid and alkali treatment, second impurities removing, ensure products with PPM level cleanliness
Product Quality Test:
Test control for particle morphology, size distribution, particle size, and cleanliness of products
Kumthai Abrasives Co., Ltd. | Synthetic Diamond Abrasive Powder
We sincerely hope to cooperate and communicate with customers all over the world, and provide great quality products that satisfy customers! At present, China's synthetic diamond powder is rapidly developing and has occupied a large share of the international market, and at the same time, the special uses have been gradually developed in various fields, the future prospects of synthetic diamond powder seems to be the most promising.
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