Brief Introduction of Synthetic Polycrystalline Diamond PCD TSP

January 11, 2019
Brief Introduction of Synthetic Polycrystalline Diamond PCD TSP
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Synthetic polycrystalline diamond is a kind of diamond polymer which is sintered by combining synthetic diamond micron powder with binder at high temperature and ultra high pressure. At the same time, the thermal expansion coefficient of binder is close to that of diamond, so the heat-resistance temperature can reach up to 1200 ℃ or so. Synthetic polycrystalline diamond has great wear resistance, thermal stability, compressive strength, high hardness and impact toughness, widely used in the manufacture of petroleum geological drill bits, diamond processing industry, mechanical processing, dressing tools and other fields.

Synthetic polycrystalline diamond PCD series is mainly for grinding and polishing in diamond processing and mechanical processing industry. Compared with natural diamond, synthetic polycrystalline diamond PCD series has higher grinding efficiency and has become a necessary choice for many diamond processors.

Synthetic polycrystalline diamond TSP series is manufactured by combining synthetic diamond micron powder with an inert binder under high temperature and pressure. Synthetic polycrystalline diamond TSP series has better thermal stability, higher impact strength and better wear resistance, thus it can meet the needs of drilling difficulties for exploration engineering in complex formations, suitable for oil drilling and geological exploration. Compared with the cost of natural diamond, it is relatively cheap, with higher wear resistance. The diversification of its shapes is suitable for various drilling tools and geological conditions.

The TSP series synthetic polycrystalline diamond has been recognized by major oil fields and drill bit manufacturers at home and abroad. Various specifications can be customized, including a variety of hardness, a variety of shapes (cylindrical, conical, square, triangle and special-shaped polycrystalline).
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