The Market Layout of Diamond Wire Saw Tends to Be Diversified

December 20, 2018

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Diamond wire saw is also known as diamond wire, which is a linear cutting tool made by fixing synthetic diamond powder on metal wire by electroplating process or resin combination method. According to the production process, diamond wire saw can be divided into two categories: electroplated diamond wire and resin diamond wire. Due to its excellent cutting features, it is widely used in the cutting fields of crystal silicon, sapphire, magnetic materials, crystals, ceramics and other products.

Compared with the traditional cutting process, diamond wire saw has the advantages of high cutting efficiency, low material loss, low environmental pollution, etc., which can improve the cutting quality of products and reduce the operating cost of enterprises. Therefore, the pace of replacing the traditional cutting process is accelerating and the application fields are expanding. Early diamond wire saw is mainly used in sapphire cutting field, but with the rapid development of photovoltaic industry, its main application field is rapidly transferred to photovoltaic industry.

China is a global sapphire processing and photovoltaic manufacturing power, and diamond wire saw as a alternative of traditional cutting process, the market is in a rapid growth period. China's photovoltaic industry develops rapidly and the market scale continues to expand. The application market of diamond wire saw in China is mainly concentrated in the cutting field of monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon in the photovoltaic industry, accounting for 95% of the total applications. The development of photovoltaic industry has promoted the market demand of diamond wire saw in China.

In May 2018, the State issued new policy, which lowered the scale index of photovoltaic construction, subsidy policy and other aspects. As a result, the number of newly installed photovoltaic machines in China decreased significantly, and the output and price of silicon wafer industry also decreased accordingly. However, the State and local governments have introduced a number of incentive policies since July. Overall, China's photovoltaic industry still has a good prospect for development.

Under the influence of the new photovoltaic industry policy, the market development of diamond wire saw in China has entered a period of shock. The market demand of diamond wire saw declined, but at the same time, the market share of leading enterprises has increased. It can be seen that the market share of powerful enterprises will continue to increase under the background of reduced market demand and intensified industry competition, and the industry concentration is expected to continue to increase.

Diamond wire saw is mainly used in the cutting field of sapphire and crystal silicon. With the continuous development of manufacturing industry and the emergence of new materials, the application scope of diamond wire saw continues to expand, such as in the raw material cutting fields of consumer electronics, LED lighting, new energy vehicles and other industries. However, these applications account for a relatively small proportion. After the adjustment of photovoltaic industry, diamond wire saw industry begins to pay attention to diversified layout, which is conducive to avoiding the market fluctuation of a single industry, sharing enterprise risks, and bringing more profit growth points to enterprises.

Researchers said that diamond wire saw industry begins to pay attention to product technology and quality improvement, and the market layout also tends to be diversified after the changes in photovoltaic industry. The development of China's photovoltaic industry will continue to have a good prospect for a long time in the future, and the application scope of diamond wire saw in other fields is constantly expanding. On the whole, the future development prospect of China's diamond wire saw industry is good.


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