Development Trend of Diamond Wire Saw in China

December 04, 2018
Kumthai Abrasives Co., Ltd. | Synthetic Diamond Abrasive Powder

As a new cutting technology applied in the field of hard and brittle materials, diamond wire saw cutting is rapidly replacing the traditional cutting technology. In addition to photovoltaic silicon wafers, it is also used in LED sapphire, magnetic materials, ceramic materials and other fields, especially in industrial electronics, LED semiconductor lighting, new energy vehicles and other industries. Kumthai supplies superior quality diamond micron powder for making diamond wire saw with reasonable price.

Compared with the previous cutting technology, diamond wire saw cutting adopts multi-line cutting technology, which has the characteristics of strong cutting ability, high efficiency, high precision, low cutting loss, energy saving and environmental protection. In fact, wire saw has been applied in some markets outside the photovoltaic industry, but its market share is small now. Some wire saw enterprises are making unremitting efforts in areas with more market potential.

Diversified layout will be the general trend of transformation of diamond wire saw enterprises, which not only brings more profit growth points for enterprises, but also can avoid market fluctuations of focusing on a certain industry to a certain extent, which is conducive to thinning risks for enterprises.
There are two issues to be noted:

1. Improve the quality, increase the efficiency and reduce the cost
At present, the diamond wire saw industry entered a period of oscillation with the photovoltaic industry, and the operating rate is generally low. Silicon chip cutting has become the focal point of photovoltaic enterprises. Under the thinning trend of diamond wire saw in the future, how to improve the strength of busbar, how to improve the performance of production equipment of diamond wire saw, and how to solve agglomeration phenomenon in micron powder coating technology, have become important contents in the production and research and development for some diamond wire-saw enterprises.

2. Pay attention to environmental protection
Environmental protection is now one of the themes of industrial development in China, environmental protection supervision exists in all walks of life in full swing. In recent years, abrasives enterprises are facing more and more serious environmental protection situation. For diamond wire saw enterprises, it is also necessary to attach great importance to environmental protection.
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