Quickpoint Grinding Technology of Superhard Abrasives

October 14, 2018

Kumthai Abrasives Co., Ltd. | Synthetic Diamond Abrasive Powder

With its excellent grinding performance, superhard abrasive has been widely used in various aspects of grinding technology, and becomes the basis of technical progress such as ultra-precision grinding, high-efficiency grinding, difficult-to-process material grinding, high-precision form grinding, grinding automation and unmanned operation.

Due to the complementarity of synthetic diamond and CBN abrasives in processing materials, their machinable range has been expanded, covering a variety of superhard, high-brittle and high-strength materials.

Diamond abrasives are the best grinding tools for grinding hard alloy, optical glass, ceramics and other hard brittle materials, but because it is easily carbonized under 700 ℃ ~ 800 ℃, it is not suitable for grinding steel materials and ultra-high speed grinding. The appearance of CBN abrasives brings the grinding technology revolution, which can not only bear high temperature of 1300 ℃ ~ 1400 ℃, but also has good thermal conductivity, high removal rate when grinding steel materials, high grinding ratio and longer service life. It is the best abrasive material for grinding hardened steel, high speed steel, high strength steel, stainless steel, heat resistant alloy and other high hardness and toughness metals. In addition, CBN abrasives are also suitable for ultra-high speed grinding. Even if the linear speed of metal matrix CBN abrasives exceeds 250m/s, it will not be broken.

The wide use of CBN abrasives is mainly due to the emergence of various high-efficiency and high-performance CNC grinding machines in recent years, as well as the progress in the manufacturing technology of abrasive tools, which develops new grinding tools such as single-layer electroplating and high-temperature brazing abrasives with excellent performance, and promotes the development of grinding technology. Especially the new high-efficiency Quickpoint grinding technology that is more popular with people.

Quickpoint Grinding was first introduced by Junker Company from Germany. It is realized by using brazing CBN thin grinding wheel and ultra-high grinding wheel linear speed (120m/s~180m/s, or higher 200m/s~250m/s). Quickpoint Grinding can make the contact area of grinding greatly reduced, and the extremely high grinding speed can not only make the grinding chip become thin and the load of grinding grain reduced, but also make the heat not available to the workpieces and grinding wheels, which is almost taken away by the grinding chip, so as to improve the machining accuracy and surface quality of the workpieces.

Results show that quickpoint grinding has high grinding ratio, longer service life, low dressing frequency, high material removal rate, and at the same time, it has great cooling effect, low grinding temperature and even can achieve dry grinding. At present, this technology has obtained the remarkable economic benefits on Santana car production line of Shanghai Volkswagen in China.


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