The Applications of Abrasive Products in Sophisticated Industries

October 22, 2018
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How to describe the position of abrasive products in the complex and varied industrial world?

I think there's nothing better than the word - salt, which is a necessity in our daily lives though inexpensive and common. But nothing can taste good without it. And also in the industrial world, without the "salt" - abrasive products, even great technology can not shine as much as it should.

Abrasive products are widely used in China's sophisticated industries.

Military industry requires high strength, high precision and sophisticated abrasive products. Abrasive products are widely used in military industry, mostly concentrated in the shipbuilding, aerospace, military equipment, gun manufacture, weapons and equipment manufacturing and so on. The application range is not only wide, but with high technology, and it also has very strict requirements for accuracy, which determines the position of abrasive products in military industry.

China is the fifth country after the United States, Britain, Russia and France that has the ability to independently develop the aero-engine. The engine is undoubtedly the heart and power source of aerospace equipment. And the manufacturing of aero-engine, also need abrasives & grinding. For example, the sealing surfaces of aero-engines, and the working surfaces of jet nozzles are required to be extremely high luminosity and strict shape and size, which also need to be ground to meet the final requirements. Electroplated CBN grinding wheel and vitrified bonded CBN grinding wheel are mainly used to process narrow and deep grooves in the root of turbine blade of aero-engines.
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