Automobile Industry

September 18, 2018

Superhard materials, developed and manufactured by Kumthai, are widely used in precision parts processing in the automotive industry. The processing of automobile parts requires stable, precise and efficient processing technology, so as to meet the dual requirements of reliability and economy. Kumthai's superhard materials can meet the extreme performance requirements of all machining, milling, grinding, polishing and finishing processes.

We cooperate with world famous super abrasives enterprises, and provide matched synthetic diamonds and CBN products with extremely reliable performance, widely used in the engine, gearbox, steering system and all relevant core parts. Click to learn more about Kumthai's synthetic diamonds and CBN products.

Kumthai's products play an outstanding role in the application of automobile crankshaft and camshaft grinding. Kumthai's CBN and synthetic diamonds are widely recognized by clients from all over the world.