Photovoltaic Industry

September 18, 2018

At present, diamond cutting wire is mainly used for cutting photovoltaic silicon materials in solar photovoltaic industry, and sapphire materials in LED lighting and electronics industry.

Diamond wire cutting technology was proved and popularized on sapphire materials in 2007.

From 2009 to 2011, some Chinese and Japanese enterprises took the lead in cutting verification on single crystal silicon materials, and diamond wire cutting technology gradually matured and was popularized.

By 2015, diamond wire cutting technology had replaced traditional sand slurry cutting technology and become the mainstream cutting technology.

By 2017, the diamond wire cutting technology in sapphire and single crystal silicon market has completely replaced the traditional cutting technology. In the process of technological improvement and development in the last ten years, synthetic diamond micron powder for diamond wire saw has played an extremely important role in the development trend of replacing traditional abrasives with superhard abrasives. Click to learn more about synthetic diamond micron powder for diamond wire saw from Kumthai.

In recent years, with demands increasing of polycrystalline silicon materials for diamond wire cutting technology and the mass of wire cutting equipment renewal, there is higher requirements for diamond wire saw, and the application of high performance synthetic diamond micron powder for diamond wire saw is becoming particularly important. Kumthai has developed special coated diamond powder for diamond wire cutting industry, which is widely recognized by the industry. To learn more about Kumthai's coated synthetic diamond.